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Tired of the same old fundraiser? We are too! That’s why we are being creative this year with our fundraisers. Let's face it, no one likes selling discount cards and cookie dough to make 10 cents for every dollar the athletes sell. When the only people making the money is the fundraising companies. We want the teams to keep ALL the money! And if you're like me, I never use the discount cards anyway.



This is the easiest fundraiser we can do because it does something most of us are doing anyway, posting to social media. You'll get an email to set up your Player page from the ABC or your coach directly. You should've already received the email invite from SUPPORT@KINDFUL.COM, it may be in your spam folder. If you didn't receive it please email and request another invite. You can also locate your team here. FIND MY TEAM!

Once you get it all set, just click the share button.



The campaign goes out to all your followers and they choose to donate or not. But this allows people to do what we really need and donate directly to your player's team. No middle man and no order forms to keep up with.



So players that raise $250 or more get a custom UA BHS Athletics shirt, $500 or more get a custom Bobcat Athletics hoodie, and hit the default goal get a "Circle of Champions" shirt, along with the shirt and hoodie. The player that raises the most money during the campaign will receive $500 worth of UA gear!



We are so excited about the Fall season and you will see some major changes at the games and in the stands that will get everyone excited about Battlefield Athletics.



If you haven't seen some of the great things that provider for the BHS athletics program, check it out at the www.BobcatBooster.Club  While you're there be sure to update your booster membership and grab some exclusive UA Bobcat gear. The store is being updated everyday so check it often.



So get those player profiles set up and hit the "Share" button. Without money from the county, it's up to us to "Be More" for Battlefield! Every dollar counts and every share is a potential $1!