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Battlefield Gets National Exposure

Battlefield Gets National Exposure

  • By - Matt Jones
  • 16 October, 2019


Sitting just outside of Washington D.C., the Battlefield High School Football Team sits on the cusp of making a breakthrough in a notably competitive league. Head Coach Scott Girolmo is young and hungry, bringing a fresh new perspective to the Bobcats. Aiming to bring a consistent voice and drive home the strong culture of chemistry amongst the players, Girolmo has built the team’s foundation on the ethos “Lead The Charge.” Upon this foundation, and in the fires of achievement and adversity, a powerhouse program is being forged.


Small votes of encouragement between teammates are common for the Battlefield Bobcats. Head Coach Scott Girolmo places a strong emphasis on team chemistry and cultivating consistent, intentional leaders on and off the field. “Courage, compassion, and character is what we’re all about.” Making a point to live these words, Girolmo drives leadership and connection amongst the players in order to build a program that fosters growth in football, and life.